Josue Lopez




Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

PhD Candidate, Fourth Year



Lynwood, California

Undergraduate institution

Rice University

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

By carefully designing structures and tuning the properties of materials at the nanoscale, you can create new properties that can enable new functionalities that are not found in nature.

Personal research summary

I am engineer and technologist that works on the next generation of solar cells, optical displays, and imaging and sensing technologies. My current research investigates the intersection between three topics in nanophotonics: polaritons in 2D materials, 3D photonic crystals and metamaterials, and optical resonances in metal nanoparticles. All of these can interact and manipulate light in novel ways and can enable new technologies in new light sources, sensing, and displays.

Personal interests

I’m beginning to run long distance. I’m interested in dancing, architecture (both classical and modern), mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers, and advocating for racial and environmental equity.