Corban Swain




Biological Engineering

PhD Candidate, First Year



Huntsville, Alabama

Undergraduate institution

Washington University in St. Louis

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

The potential for innovation that lies at the intersection of biology, engineering, and medicine is incredibly exciting to me. With all the progress that has been made in biotechnology, there is still so much more to be learned from biological systems and myriad ways to apply that learning to advance disease treatment and diagnosis, energy production, materials design, etc. Furthermore, the opportunity to both learn from talented professors and mentor students from diverse backgrounds pushes me to continue pursuing a career in science.

Personal research summary

During my time in undergraduate, I conducted research in different methods for targeted delivery of therapeutics and biosensing technologies. My work with targeted drug delivery utilized novel materials including acetylated dendrimers, charge-reversing complexes of polymers, and selectively cleavable prodrugs. Moving forward into graduate school, I hope to conduct research rotations in labs developing the next generation of biomedical devices, labs using computational methods to better understand biological systems and -omic scale data, and labs developing novel techniques with micro and nanofabricated devices. These rotations will help to further refine the direction for my future thesis work.

Personal interests

I enjoy both film and digital photography.