Phillip Daniel

Course #: 2
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Degree Objective: PhD
Undergraduate Institution(s): MIT
Hometown: Durham, NC

Why did you decide to ENROLL at MIT for your graduate school?
I considered jobs and the Ph.D. program together. I felt that a Ph.D. program would expose me to better mentorship, and that as a student MIT would invest more in me than a company would. I chose MIT because of the number of faculty who do work that I am interested in.

What do you wish you would have known before deciding on MIT?
I wish I knew how much self motivation it would take to get value from the Ph.D. program. I have to work hard to find mentors and maintain the relationships.

Graduate Student Groups/Organizations
Academy of Courageous Minority Engineers (ACME)
Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)
University Center for Exemplary Mentoring (UCEM)

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