Lindsey Backman

Course #: 5
Department: Chemistry
Degree Objective: PhD
Undergraduate Institution(s): University of Floria
Hometown: Tampa, FL

What do you wish you would have known before deciding on MIT?
I wish I had realized that being accepted at MIT meant that multiple professors had agreed that I belong here. I spent a lot of time my first couple of years feeling like I didn’t belong and experiencing feelings of imposter’s syndrome before I realized that these feelings were normal and that many people at MIT believed in me and were dedicated to helping me succeed as a graduate student. It’s so important to find your support network early on in graduate school.

Why did you decide to ENROLL at MIT for your graduate school?
I enrolled at MIT because I loved the overall culture of excitement and passion for science. I had witnessed this environment as an MSRP-Bio summer student, and after being accepted for graduate school, I knew I wanted to return to MIT.

Graduate Student Groups/Organizations
Latinx Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

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