Graduate Student Life Grants

The Graduate Student Life Grants program is a request-for-proposal process inviting graduate students, spouses, faculty, or staff to submit creative, community building ideas for possible funding. The Grants provide a unique opportunity to kick-start projects that will enhance graduate student life at the Institute with experiences outside the classroom and lab.

What is community? It’s difficult to define, but since the GSLG’s began in 2002, some definitions have emerged, including:

  • a sense of belonging, a sense of mattering
  • shared experiences
  • bringing together people outside the lab
  • getting together people who rarely congregate
  • building connections, relationships
  • interdisciplinarity

Proposals may address a specific constituency such as families; they may cross departments or focus within a discipline; they may target several residence halls, or a variety of student groups. Their purpose should be to explore the role and relevance of community in creating a more balanced and fulfilling graduate experience. Scroll through the project archive for a brief description of past projects.

More information about funding from the OGE for academic year 2019-20 graduate student activities will be available in early September.
Contact the Grants program with questions at gslg [at]

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