Funded in 2019-2020

In the 18th annual round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 12 new proposals and 6 renewal proposals out of the total 21 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education.  Since the program was introduced in 2002, the grant selection panel has reviewed 550 proposals and funded 329 of those. For more information, contact

RFP 18.07 Women in Political Science Coffee Hour (renewed)

A monthly coffee hour for women student in the Political Science Department.

RFP 18.20 BGSA Community Gatherings (renewed)

Provides a venue for community building among MIT Black graduates, their allies, faculty and staff, and local leaders in addition to stimulating discussions about cultural, social, political, and professional topics.

RFP 18.23 The Microbial Engineering and Sciences Seminar (renewed)

Monthly seminars to foster the exchange of ideas between the people working on microbiology across diverse departments at MIT. 

RFP 18.26 MIT Gu-Zheng Club (renewed)

Helps promote public awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese arts and ultimately fosters cultural diversity and creative expression on campus.

RFP 18.28 Creating a DMSE REFS Program (renewed)

Starting a DMSE REFS program in order to provide a happier, healthier environment for the students of the department.

RFP 18.30 MakerCup (renewed)

Sharing knowledge and building community through a personal project competition and teaching events.

RFP 19.01 Media Lab Future of Women

A community women’s group for women in Media Lab.

RFP 19.03 MakerWorks Faculty-Student FAB Friday

Sharing knowledge and building community between faculty and students in a Maker Space event and build activity.

RFP 19.05 Amy’s Breakfast Club

Weekly breakfast meetings with Prof. Finkelstein and her advisees to foster an environment where students feel comfortable discussing preliminary research ideas.

RFP 19.06 ChemE Kayaking & Virtual Reality

Three interactive events, cooking, kayaking, and virtual reality, that encourage faculty and students to work together in an engaging atmosphere.

RFP 19.09 GPSW Friday Writing Re-treat!

Bringing GPSW Faculty and Students together through sharing food and friendly conversation during the one hour lunch break between two intensive Friday classes attended by all GPSW students and multiple faculty members.

RFP 19.10 Political Science Film Festival

Brings together students and faculty with research interests in political issues and an appreciation for cinema to discuss the events depicted in classic films from the perspective of political scientists while also creating an informal and collegial space to build relationships in the department and across the university through a shared appreciation of classic film.

RFP 19.11 EAPS Matrix Lunches

Matrix lunches allow members of the EAPS department who serve in very different roles (student, administrator, research scientist, faculty) to meet and converse over lunch.

RFP 19.13 DUSP Anti-Racist Workshop and Reading Groups

An anti-racism workshop and sustained reading groups for DUSP students and faculty will help the community interrogate “the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color”.

RFP 19.14 Faculty-Student Field Socials

A series of social events which aim to bring the students of each “field” of economics together with their peers and the faculty that are working on similar topics of interest.

RFP 19.15 LGSA Faculty Series

Facilitates networking and mentorship relationships between LatinX students and faculty members, allowing graduate students to learn from these successful LatinX role models.

RFP 19.16 Scarves for All

MIT Architecture faculty and students join forces to design Spring/Summer 2020’s most desirable accessory!

RFP 19.17 FAIL! – Inspiring Resilience

FAIL! Conference aims to connect grad students with faculties and de-stigmatize failures by having faculty members share stories of failures, humbleness, and resilience.