Funded in 2018-19

In the 17th annual round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 22 new proposals and 2 renewal proposals out of the total 37 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education.  Since the program was introduced in 2002, the grant selection panel has reviewed 529 proposals and funded 329 of those. For more information, contact

RFP 16.13 Russian Connection Cultural Gatherings (renewed)

Inclusive activities for Russian-speaking graduate students and others in the graduate community with an interest in Russian language and culture.

RFP 17.14 Mutual Pictures: SA+P Screen & Dine (renewed)

Film screening and dinner events for the graduate student art and filmmaking community.

RFP18.02 Space Movie Night

A space community building movie night.

RFP18.03 MIT Sloan Greater China Club Programs

Indoor activities for students and spouses, including terrarium making, embroidery classes, chocolate making, and paint night.

RFP18.07 Women in Political Science Coffee Hour

Monthly coffee hour for women student in the Political Science Department.

RFP 18.08 Biology Diversity Community 2019 Mentorship Events

Events for underrepresented students in the biology community.

RFP 18.09 How to Inflate Almost Anything

A practical and collaborative workshop series to teach students how to make inflatables, resulting in a public-facing exhibition.

RFP 18.14 Diversity and Inclusion Nights at the Thirsty Ear Pub

Allows cultural and underrepresented minority groups the chance to foster connections within the MIT community in the welcoming atmosphere of the Thirsty Ear Pub.

RFP18.16 Economics Mens et Manus

Active events for Economics PhD students to foster interactions across cohorts and across fields.

RFP 18.17 Black Mirror Viewing Parties + Educated Discussion

Evening events that brings together graduate student fans of the popular TV series to watch select episodes and discuss, question, and consider possible directions for their creative technology work.

RFP 18.20 BGSA Community Gatherings

Community-building amongst MIT Black graduates, their allies, faculty and staff, and local leaders that foster stimulating discussions about cultural, social, political, and professional topics.

RFP 18.21 Machine Vision Event Series

Machine Vision is a series of workshares and discussions to build bridges between graduate students, scholars and artists at MIT working to imagine the future of increasingly blurry boundaries between human and computer perception.

RFP 18.23 The Microbial Engineering and Sciences Seminar (MESS)

Monthly seminars to foster exchange of ideas between the people working on microbiology across diverse departments at MIT.

RFP 18.26 MIT Gu-zheng Club

Promotes public awareness and appreciation of traditional Chinese arts and fosters cultural diversity and creative expression on campus.

RFP 18.28 Creating a DMSE REFs Program

Starting a DMSE REFS program in order to provide a happier, healthier environment for the students of the department.

RFP 18.29 Virtual Reality Compassion Dance 

An Afro futurist Virtual Reality project used as tool for civic engagement and facilitating healthy conversations about race and class.

RFP 18.30 MakerCup

Student-to-student teaching events and a personal project competition that encourages new members to get involved in the MIT Maker community.

RFP 18.32 Mas Latino

A festival celebrating Latin American culture and talent at MIT through arts and sciences.

RFP 18.12 Classical Indian Music Cultural Enrichment

Performances, lecture demonstrations, and master classes by expert classical Indian musicians geared specifically to students in the MIT community.

RFP 18.15 Networking events for Japan Tech Trek

Post-trek events for trip participants from several cohorts.

RFP 18.19 Imaginative Transformations: Indigenous Artists Speaker Series

A series of Indigenous artists presentations to open dialogues with MIT students and community members.

RFP 18.22 Community Experiences Outside of MIT Campus

Generating community experiences outside of MIT campus by attending cultural and sporting events in Boston.

RFP 18.34 Monthly Socials for the Media Lab Black Community

An effort to provide a safe space of conversation, strength, and support for the Black Community within the MIT Media Lab.