Funded in 2017-18

In the 16th annual round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 10 new proposals and 12 renewal proposals out of the total 30 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education.  Since the program was introduced in 2002, the grant selection panel has reviewed 492 proposals and funded 305 of those. For more information, contact

RFP15.08 Breaking the Mold Conference/Hackathon (renewed)

An interactive one-day event to build tools to combat unconscious bias and intolerance.

RFP15.13 Economics Grad Families (renewed)

A department-based initiative that creates sub-groups of Economics PhD students, and offers social events such as Field Lawn Day, Trivia, and Snow Day.

RFP15.18 SCM Round-the-World Dinner/Movies (renewed)

Community-building dinners with movies and cultural events for students in the Supply Chain Management program.

RFP15.29 Postscript Dinners (renewed)

A series of small group dinners open to all Architecture graduate students to facilitate research-based discussions.

RFP16.05 Building Science Kits for Schools (renewed)

Events at MIT Edgerton Center where graduate students assemble molecule kits from existing materials, to be given as outreach materials to local K-12 schools.

RFP16.07 Biology Graduate Student Science Retreat (renewed)

A one-day Spring retreat to bring Biology graduate students with different lab affiliations together for academic talks, poster session, and social events.

RFP16.10 ASL & Deaf Culture Class (renewed)

American Sign Language classes offered to the MIT community, in partnership with MindHandHeart.

RFP16.11 Politics and Policy Community Building (renewed)

Community-building events and local outings for graduate students from various departments interested in science policy.

RFP16.13 MIT Russian Club (renewed)

Various cultural events for Russian and Slavic community, hosted by MIT Russian club, and open to all interested graduate students. 

RFP16.16 BCS Interdepartmental Student Socials (renewed)

Monthly interdepartmental student socials and focused discussions hosted by graduate students in Brain and Cognitive Science.

RFP16.17 Mechanical Engineering Monthly Socials (renewed)

Monthly joint socials for graduate students and faculty in Mechanical Engineering.

RFP16.20 General Audience Graduate Seminar @ Sidney-Pacific (renewed)

Monthly dinner-time seminars by various members of the graduate student community, hosted by Sidney-Pacific residence.

RFP17.02 Reel Futures

Monthly gathering open to the entire MIT community to explore the future through the vehicle of cinema. REEL FUTURES will feature a screening of films about the future by living filmmakers, with a focus on emerging directors.

RFP17.04 Winter Mindful Activities

Indoor activities for students and spouses, including terrarium making, embroidery classes, chocolate making, paint night.

RFP17.05 Graduate Family Brunch

Series of brunches at Westgate for campus & off-campus families.

RFP17.06 Fierce Forever

Drag show with graduate student performers, open to the entire MIT community.

RFP17.09 DUSP Escape the Room

Collaboration and team building through “escape room” activities.

RFP17.10 UrbanAfrica Cultural Events

Co-hosted events for student groups interested in African issues, including museum events, book talks, film screenings, theater and dance performances relevant to styles or traditions across the African Diaspora.

RFP17.14 ACT-bridge Screen + Dine

Film and art presentations by MIT students and local collaborators, hosted by students in Art, Culture, and Technology program and open to the art and filmmaker community at MIT.

RFP17.17 Open Source Hardware Summit

Partnership between MIT students and the national non-profit Open Source Hardware Association (OHSWA) to kick start a more active campus community interested in open source hardware.

RFP17.18 Cooking Series

Student-hosted cooking class series, open to all students.

RFP17.19 OneMIT Lab Crawl

Sloan students visit research labs to foster connections and collaborations.