Funded in 2016-17

In the 15th annual round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 17 new proposals and 12 renewal proposals out of the total 40 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education.  Since the program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 462 proposals and funded 283 of those. For more information, contact


RFP15.07 – Family Fun at the Z Center (Renewed)

Active indoor winter and rainy-day play sessions at the Z-Center for student families.

RFP15.08 – Breaking the Mold Hackathon (Renewed)

An interactive one-day event to build tools to combat unconscious bias and intolerance.

RFP15.09 – Graduate Queer Women (Renewed)

A series of dinners for queer or queer-supporting graduate women on campus.

RFP15.11 – Winter Blues (Renewed)

Events for graduate students to familiarize those unused to New England winters with cold weather activities such as cooking classes, ice skating, and crafts for children.

RFP15.13 Economics Grad “Families” (Renewed)

A department-based initiative that creates sub-groups of Economics PhD students, and offers social events such as Field Lawn Day, Trivia, and Snow Day.

RFP15.18 SCM Round-the-World Dinner/Movies (Renewed)

Community-building dinners with movies and cultural events for students in the Supply Chain Management program.

RFP15.22 Alumni Diversity Initiative (Renewed)

A series of events aimed at bringing alumni of the MIT Summer Research Program together during various social events throughout the year, including breakfasts/lunches/dinners/IAP events.

RFP15.29 Post Script Dinners (Renewed)

A series of small group dinners open to all Architecture graduate students to facilitate research-based discussions.

RFP15.33 Course 10 Mentoring Program (Renewed)

A mentoring program in Chemical Engineering department, where senior graduate students mentor first year students.

RFP13.24 Monthly Community Lunches (Renewed)

Saturday monthly lunches with guest speakers for current students and alumni, hosted by the Black Graduate Students Association.

RFP16.03 – Invertebrate Social Hour

Monthly socials for all students involved with invertebrate research.

RFP16.04 – Ice Skating Party

Family-friendly ice skating party at Kendall Ice Rink, hosted by MIT Spouses & Partners Connect.

RFP16.05 – Building Science Kits for Schools

Two events at MIT Edgerton Center where graduate students assemble molecule kits from existing materials, to be given as outreach materials to local K-12 schools.

RFP16.07 – Biology Graduate Student Science Retreat

A one-day Spring retreat to bring Biology graduate students with different lab affiliations together for academic talks, poster session, and social events.

RFP16.08 – Hands-only CPR training

Informal, free CPR training sessions, done by MIT EMT students, at graduate dorms.

RFP16.10 – ASL & Deaf Culture Class

American Sign Language class offerings for graduate students during IAP 2017, Spring 2017 term, and Fall 2017 term.

 RFP16.11 – Politics and Policy Community Building

Community-building events and local outings for graduate students from various departments interested in science policy.

RFP16.13 – MIT Russian Club

Various cultural events for Russian and Slavic community, hosted by MIT Russian club, and open to all interested graduate students. 

RFP16.16 – BCS Interdepartmental Student Socials

Monthly interdepartmental student socials and focused discussions hosted by graduate students in Brain and Cognitive Science.

RFP16.17 – Mechanical Engineering Monthly Socials

Monthly joint socials for graduate students and faculty in Mechanical Engineering.

RFP16.18 – BBSA Black History Month Events

Two events aimed at celebrating African American History, organized by the Sloan Black Business Students Association (BBSA).

RFP16.20 – General Audience Graduate Seminar @ Sidney-Pacific

Monthly dinner-time seminars by various members of the graduate student community, hosted by Sidney-Pacific residence.

RFP16.22– Build a “green caring community”

A terrarium-building and community-building social event for interested graduate students, hosted on campus.

RFP16.23 – Economics PhD Student Mixers with Harvard

Monthly events that bring together MIT and Harvard PhD students in Economics. The events alternate between the Thirsty Ear at MIT, and a student pub at Harvard.

RFP16.26 – Healthcare Mastermind Dinner Series

Monthly dinner series focused at healthcare-related issues. Each dinner will have an industry speaker covering a particular topic in healthcare.

RFP16.27 – Whole-y Cow

Two events for graduate students hosted by MITbeef. Each event includes information about the nutritional benefits of beef and sustainable cattle farming, with a cooking demonstration and sampling of beef-based dishes.

RFP16.28 – MIT LCE Initiative

Various social events aimed at growing and bringing together members of the MIT Language Conversation Exchange.