Funded in 2015-16

In the 15th round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 29 new proposals out of the total 41 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education. Since the program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 422 proposals and funded 254 of those.  For more information, contact

RFP14.04 – MIT Connect (renewal)

Connect arranges for friendly, informal, platonic lunches between assigned pairs of graduate students from all over campus, and all walks of life.

RFP14.08 – CSB Seminar Series (renewal)

Bi-weekly seminars for students in the interdepartmental Computational Systems Biology program.
For more information, contact Cassandra Schaening (

RFP14.12 – MIT Waste Alliance (renewal)

Student-led initiative that aims to address challenges and information relevant to waste issues with a series of themed talks, two tours to waste treatment plants, and a poster night.
For more information, contact Abigail Regitsky (

RFP14.17 – Building Chemistry in Chemistry (renewal)

Community-building social events for graduate students and faculty in the Chemistry department.
For more information, contact Jennifer Weisman (

RFP14.22 – Bridging the NSE Discipline Gap(renewal)

Bi-monthly dinners and topical discussions for student in the Nuclear Science and Engineering department.
For more information, contact Karen Dawson / Nestor Sepulveda (,

RFP13.24 Monthly Community Lunch (renewal)

Monthly lunches organized by the Black Graduate Students Association to promote professional development and networking with fellow students and recent alumni.
For more information, contact Tsehai Grell  (

RFP15.01 – Lunch in French

Bi-monthly lunch for students interested in practicing their French language skills. Each lunch will have at least one native French speaker. Events hosted by Club Francophone of MIT.
For more information, contact Sebastien Boyer (

RFP15.04 – Graduate Women at MediaLab

On-campus dinners, with some local speakers, aimed at building graduate women community at Media Lab.
For more information, contact Jennifer Groff (

RFP15.06 – Social Biases at MIT

A one-day symposium open to entire MIT community with speakers and food, aimed at bringing awareness to social bias issues.
For more information, contact Stephen Allsop (

RFP15.07 – Family Fun at the Z center

Use of Z-center space in their “birthday party” format to allow MIT families with children have active indoor play sessions in winter.
For more information, contact Sarah Andries (

RFP15.08 – Breaking the Mold

Two-day MIT Sloan conference aimed at dismantling social biases
For more information, contact Anita Xiao Qi Wu (

RFP15.09 – Graduate Queer Women

Ten dinners, throughout academic year, some on campus and some off-campus, aimed at bringing together MIT graduate queer women community.
For more information, contact Audra Amasino  (

RFP15.11 – Winter Blues

Events that teach graduate students unfamiliar with New England winters how to have a great time during cold weather, including cooking winter foods, weather-appropriate dressing, and an outdoor ice-skating trip.
For more information, contact Paige Midstokke (

RFP15.12 – Post-Fire-Alarm Treats

A pilot program at the Sidney-Pacific dorm that uses required evacuations during fire alarms as an opportunity to connect with neighbors over shared snacks and conversation.
For more information, contact Yi Jenny Wang (

RFP15.13 – Economics Grad Families

Social events (including trivia, a snowman-making contest, and lawn games) followed by either lunch or dinner, for small groups (“families”) of students in Economics department.
For more information, contact Ariel Zucker (

RFP15.14 – HTC+ACT Social/Museum Trips

Trips to local art museums for students in the History, Theory, and Criticism of Art (HTC) and Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) programs.
For more information, contact Chia Ling Chen (Angel) (

RFP15.16 – Impact Investing

Initiative that supports participation by a team at MIT Sloan in a national MBA Impact Investing Network and Training (MINT) competition.
For more information, contact David Sanchez (

RFP15.17 – Cultural Emergence at IDM

Activities within the Integrated Design & Management (IDM) track of the Systems Design and Management (SDM) program, aimed at highlighting ethnic cultures within the program through shared cuisine and traditions.
For more information, contact Honey Bajaj (

RFP15.18 – ‘Round the World Dinner and Movie

Movie and dinner nights in the Edgerton lounge aimed at highlighting ethnic cultures within the program through shared cuisine and relevant films.
For more information, contact Mimi Tsai (

RFP15.22 – Alumni Diversity Initiative

Monthly social events to bring together alumni of MIT summer research programs who are currently graduate students at MIT.
For more information, contact Mandana Sassanfar (

RFP15.23 – Biking and Photography

Events that allow students to combine outdoor exercise and photography workshops. Each event includes a photography talk and a bike ride around Charles where stops are made to take photos, followed by lunch and Photoshop workshop.
For more information, contact Dawn Anderson (

RFP15.24 – Community “Indoor” Garden

Project to build hydroponic systems at the Ashdown residence hall, using an open source MIT Media Lab platform, so that residents can grow their own vegetables inexpensively, year-round.
For more information, contact Cyril Khamsi (

RFP15.25 – Chemical Engineering Fun/Social events

Community-building social events for graduate students and faculty in the Chemical Engineering department.
For more information, contact Sydney Greenley-Kois (

RFP15.26 – Interfaith Fellowship

Events that provide a space where graduate students, for whom religion is a central part of their lives, can share meals, structured conversations and reading, and social interaction.
For more information, contact Cyril Khamsi –

RFP15.27 – MenTe@MIT

Dinners for Latina women and women interested in Latina culture, with the goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities.
For more information, contact Alicia Chong Rodriguez (

RFP15.29 – SSSP Suppers (Architecture student dinners)

Monthly dinners, following professional lectures, for all graduate students in the Architecture department.
For more information, contact Irmak Turan (

RFP15.31 – Surfing for MIT students

Brings surfing lessons to MIT graduate community through movies and indoor lectures, followed by beginner and advanced surfing trips. Activities offered with the support of the MIT Outing Club (MITOC), which plans to include surf trips in its regular future offerings.
For more information, contact Hendrik Utzat (

RFP15.32 – iQulse Seminar Series

Weekly pizza lunches and talks and monthly social events for students interested in Quantum Information Science, including diverse speakers from local universities and companies.
For more information, contact Sara Mouradian (

RFP15.33 – Course 10 Mentoring Program

Mentoring program in the Chemical Engineering department that brings first year PhD students and senior graduate students together for informal one-on-one meetings.
For more information, contact Catie Bartlett (