Funded in 2014-15

In the 14th round of Graduate Student Life Grants, 20 new proposals out of the total 32 submitted were offered funding by the Office of Graduate Education. Since the program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 381 proposals and funded 225 of those.  For more information, contact


RFP13.01 – Microbiology Graduate Retreat

Microbiology retreat that brings together students from different departments

For more information, contact Bonnielee Whang (

RFP13.03 – Teaching MIT to Code and Collaborate

Programming “crash courses” for the MIT community

For more information, contact Lauren Pully (

RFP13.06 – Scientists are Awesome

Video competition showcasing exciting research going on at MIT

For more information, contact Zoya Bylinski (

RFP13.16 – UrbanAfrica Speaker Series

Speaker series focused on the eradication of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information, contact Thierno Diallo (

RFP13.24 – Monthly Community Lunch

Monthly luncheon featuring a discussion and tasting of different cultural foods.

For more information, contact Philip Daniel (

RFP14.01 – Belgians@MIT

Picnic and lecture during Spring term 2015 sponsored by Belgians@MIT to promote Belgian culture, food, music, and to create networking opportunities for students

For more information, contact Catherine De Wolf (

RFP14.02 – Unmaterial Designing with Nomadic Cultures

Symposium, exhibition, and book about an education and vaccination center built by ten students for the Turkana people in northwest Kenya

For more information, contact Sixto Cordero (


A program that randomly pairs MIT graduate students for platonic, one-on-one, lunches to encourage interpersonal connections.

For more information, contact David Hayden (

RFP14.06 – DUSP Women Professional Development

Panels, dinners, and workshops for DUSP women focusing on professional development during Spring term 2015: Gender and Negotiation Professional Development Series, Women in Planning Faculty Dinner Series, and Confidence Gap Panel

For more information, contact Mia Goldwasser (

RFP14.08 – CSB Seminar Series

A lunchtime seminar series for the Computational and Systems Biology Ph.D. program (Biology/EECS/Biological Engineering), with student speakers

For more information, contact Peter Freese (

RFP14.10 – LGBTQ & Ally Community Dinners

Series of bi-monthly dinners for LBGTQ and Allied graduate students.

For more information, contact Abigail Francis (

RFP14.11 – DUSP Data Challenge

Kickoff and concluding workshop events for DUSP Data Challenge.

For more information, contact Carey Anne Nadeau (

RFP14.12 – MIT Waste Alliance

Seminars, tours, and student research poster sessions about environmentally sustainable waste management.

For more information, contact Kevin Kung (

RFP14.13 – MIT Code Kitchen

Discussions and lectures supporting code literacy in architecture and planning.

For more information, contact Allegra Fonda-Bonardi (

RFP14.16 – SCC DUSP Speaker/Reflection Series

A speaker series focusing on issues in DUSP not covered by the department’s curriculum – social justice connected to personal research practice

For more information, contact Carmela Zakon (

RFP14.17 – Building Chemistry in Chemistry

Trivia night, bake-off competition, and rock climbing party for students in the Chemistry department, to encourage interaction between students & faculty

For more information, contact Jeremiah Johnson (

RFP14.18 – Startup in America

Panel and reception to connect aspiring international student entrepreneurs with interested alumni, organized by Legislative Action Subcommittee of GSC

For more information, contact Yuqing Cui (

RFP14.19 – Women’s Mentorship Program

Mentorship program focusing on female undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information, contact Bianca Datta (

RFP14.21 – MIT Water Night

Research showcase for students doing research in water-related fields.

For more information, contact Leonardo Banchik (

RFP14.22 – Bridging the NSE Discipline Gap

Department-wide social for graduate students in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

For more information, contact Rebecca Romatoski (