Funded in 2011-12

In the eleventh round of Graduate Student Life Grants, Dean Christine Ortiz funded 12 new proposals out of the total 19 submitted to the Office of Graduate Education. To date, since this program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 290 proposals and funded 170 of those.



The Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers partners with graduate students from other departments to hold monthly coffee hours and encourage interdepartmental socializing.

For more information contact Yi Chen (



By funding babysitting events several nights of the year at family residences, graduate students with families are able to participate more fully in the graduate community.

For more information contact Jenny and Nigel Reuel (westgate-pres [at]


11.02 457 mm Portrait Project

457 mm is defined by the sociologist Edward T. Hall as the interpersonal distance that is only allowed to people who are socially intimate. What happens when random pairs of MIT graduate students spontaneously paint each other’s portraits at this distance? This project will encompass a portrait painting event, an exhibition, and a reception.

For more information contact Donguk Lee (


11.03 Art and Ocean Exchange: an Experiment in Communicating Science through Art

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute students will team up with local artists to create works of art based on their research. The results will be displayed at the Cape Cod Art Association in a dedicated exhibit, and a special reception will be held.

For more information contact Whitney Bernstein (


11.04 Chemistry Student Seminar

A weekly seminar series in which graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers present their research on a variety of chemistry topics.

For more information contact Laura Gerber (


11.05 China Urban Development Series

An exciting new DUSP seminar series that brings in leading experts on urban development in China from across the country to discuss topics of interest – everything from sustainable development to rapid urbanization and energy usage – over a meal.

For more information contact Shan Jiang ( or add China Urban Development Series on facebook


11.06 Emerging Creatives @ MIT

Emerging Creatives brings together a diverse group of graduate students to share in an evening of cultural presentations and discussion with up-and-coming artists from across the country while enjoying thematically selected food from local chefs.

For more information contact Micah Silver (


11.07 Interdepartmental Pub Mixers

The Thirsty Ear pub coordinates and hosts mixers between departments, allowing people to socialize after work with students they already know, and students they might not otherwise have a chance to meet.

For more information contact Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi (


11.08 LEM/LGBT Game Night

Regular informal get togethers for board games and pizza hosted by the Lutheran Episcopal Ministry and LGBT@MIT that are open to all members of the MIT community.

For more information contact Cheryl Sorace (


11.09 Microbiology Seminar

Monthly series for lunch and seminars on current research in the MIT microbiology program.

For more information contact Diana Chien (


11.10 Monday Night Sports at the Thirsty Ear

Monday Night football events at Thirsty Ear for Fall 2012 – come watch the game on their big screens and enjoy your favorite football foods at reduced prices. Special Monday Nights Sports events will also be held in the spring and summer.

For more information contact Matt Haberland (


11.13 Sidney-Pacific 10th anniversary Alumni Weekend

A sense of community is a core value of any residence hall, and the friendships made at MIT last past graduation. The Sidney Pacific graduate residence will be hosting a reunion weekend for past alumni and current residents to get together, enjoy social events, and reconnect with old friends.

For more information contact Amy Bilton (


11.14 SMArchS Cultural Events Series

This events series provides a chance for the diverse tracks within the MIT school of Architecture’s masters program to meet collectively and socialize at group dinners that will be planned as creative arts projects in and of themselves, as well as a series of formal debates on topics of interest to the SMArchS program.

For more information contact Mariel Villere (


11.15 TalkDraw@MIT

This seminar series will bring in guest speakers from a wide variety of arts-related disciplines. Speakers will be encouraged to draw as they listen to the talks and explore the concepts being presented.

For more information contact Tomashi Jackson (