Funded in 2010-11

In the tenth round of Graduate Student Life Grants, Dean Christine Ortiz funded 10 new proposals out of the total 23 submitted to the Office of Graduate Education. To date, since this program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 271 proposals and funded 158 of those.


RFP8-6: Greek Cooking Class

Cooking can be a great ice breaker. In this grant, graduate students learn how to cook traditional Greek fare and then, of course, get to eat it!

For more information, contact: Dimitris Chatzigeorgiou, dchatzis [at] mit [dot] edu


RFP8-19: Systems and Computational Approaches to Life Sciences (SCALeS) Seminar

This series of student-run seminars creates an interdepartmental colloquium that brings together graduate students interested in systems biology. It affords students an opportunity for scientific discussion as well as a place to feel comfortable candidly expressing their opinions and experiences.

For more information, contact Christoph Engert at engert [at] mit [dot] edu


RFP9-10: Family Tea Time

Open to all graduate students and their families, Family Tea Time provides a monthly opportunity for interaction and support for families in a relaxed setting, complete with snacks and refreshments.

For more information, contact: Chen-Hsiang, Yu, westgate-pcc [at]


RFP9-14: Graduate Women at MIT Flagship Events

This grant funds three events organized by the Graduate Women at MIT group. A mentoring program, a women’s conference, and a leadership conference will provide resources and connections for graduate women.

For more information, contact: Kay Furman, kfurman [at]


RFP9-25: Sustainability@MIT

This grant provides for regular socials at venues on and off campus that bring together diverse graduate students with an interest in sustainability.

For more information, contact: Monique Tucker, mmtucker [at]


RFP10.04 Clean Energy Prize Lab Tours

This grant funds lab tours to encourage connections between entrepreneurial energy-focused students, both in the College of Engineering and Sloan Business School.

For more information, contact: Daniel Coleman, colemand [at]


RFP10.07 Dinners for Anonymous

Currently only open to Architecture students, this grant supports dinners for groups of 8 anonymous students to create connections between the various class years.

For more information, contact: Yihyun Lim, yihyun [at]


RFP10.08 Evenings Out – Babysitting Nights for MIT Families

By funding babysitting events several nights of the year at family residences, graduate students with families are able to participate more fully in the graduate community.

For more information, contact: Jenny and Nigel Reuel, westgate-pres [at]


RFP10.10 GAME Interdepartmental Seminars

The Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers offers an interdepartmental seminar series involving graduate student presenters from different departments on a single topic. Students present on personal projects, startup ideas, etc. as a venue to network with other talented graduate students.

For more information, contact: Yi Chen, yichen [at]


RFP10.12 MIT Families Supper Club Series

This grant features dinners and discussions focused on family-related topics, with child care provided.

For more information, contact: Mia Charlene White, miawhite [at]


RFP10.13 MIT Food and Agriculture Collaborative Speaker Series

This grant offers a sereis of lunchtime talks by faculty about research in food systems and agriculture.

For more information, contact: Edward Fish, edfish [at]


RFP10.14 MIT India Conference

This is a one-day conference to address the challenges and opportunities in South Asia and the role MIT can play in the region.

For more information, contact: Ankit Jain, ankit_j [at]


RFP10.15 MIT Transportation Showcase

The goal of this grant is to bring together MIT graduate students, company reps, faculty, and staff who are interested in transportation-related issues in a social atmosphere that will enable connections to be made, career opportunities to be explored, research to be shared, and community to be built.

For more information, contact: Laura Beatriz Vina-Arias, laurav [at]


RFP10.21 US-China Clean Energy Seminar Series

This grant organizes a seminar series on energy issues with a focus of US-China interactions.

For more information, contact: Lei Chen, leichen [at]


RFP10.23 Women in Business Conference

The conference brings together members of the greater MIT community to listen to and interact with panels of women in the business world. This facilitates constructive discussions about important questions regarding the role of women in the professional world. It also provides networking opportunities during the conference to allow professional connections, friendships and academic collaborations.

For more information, contact: Maryanna McConnell, mmcconn [at]