Funded in 2008-09

In the eighth round of Graduate Student Life Grants, Dean Steve Lerman funded 15 new proposals out of the total 22 submitted to the Office of Graduate Education. To date, since this program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 223 proposals and funded 131 of those.


RFP5-8 Graduate Community Ski Trips

Graduate students take day ski trips as a group and receive a subsidy on their ski tickets. Participants eat lunch together and enjoy hot chocolate at the end of the day, building bonds across departmental and student groups.

For more information, please contact the MIT Snowriders at sr-officers [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP7-7 Cultural Coffee Hours

This program is an intimate forum where students from a variety of nationalities can meet and learn about one another’s cultures and traditions over desserts and snacks at Sidney-Pacific (SP).

For more information, please contact the VP for Residential Life at Sidney-Pacific at sp-vp-reslife [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP7-13 MIT Friends of the Arts

Organizers in the Departments of Math and Physics plan events that include bi-monthly interdepartmental dinners (catered at MIT) followed by outings to symphony concerts. Approximately 50 students are accommodated at each event.

For more information, please contact Sheel Ganatra at ganatra [at] [dot] edu or Kartik Venkatram at kartiv [at] [dot] edu.


RFP7-18 Human Rights Movie Series

This series of movies and talks by prominent experts reaches beyond the scientific aspects of development to embrace the theme of human rights and development. Dinners that precede the movie are opportunities for further conversation.

For more information, please visit the MIT Amnesty International website or contact MIT Amnesty International at mitai-exec [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-1: Art of Management Learnt Through Odissi, a Milieu of Many Arts

The intent of this program is to teach workshop participants aspects of the art of management through the practice of the ancient Indian dance form “Odissi.” Over several weeks, students practice teamwork, communication and leadership through dance.

For more information, please contact Sushmita Biswas at sbiswas [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-3: BCS Movie Night

This series of movie nights in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences brings graduate students together for entertainment, conversation and snacks.

For more information, please contact Vanja de Lint at vdelint [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-4: BCS Women’s Networking Events

Networking receptions and a dinner are designed to increase connections among graduate students and post-doctoral women in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

For more information, please contact Li-Wei King at kingl [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-6: Cooking Class Competition

Organized by the Hellenic Students’ Association, this cooking class is open to all graduate students and culminates in a friendly competition.

For more information, please contact proedreio [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-7: DUSP Intellectual Mapping Charette

The goal of this project is to create a visual map of people (students and faculty) and their fields of interest, giving community members an opportunity to network through a guided exploration of intellectual interests.

For more information, please contact Koit Saarevet at koit [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-8: MIT 2011 Reconciliation Initiative

The MIT 2011 Reconciliation Initiative aims to act as a bridge to bring together MIT graduate students hailing from formerly hostile countries. The program is made up of a dinner series, accompanied by faculty keynote lecture, movie/documentary screenings, and roundtable discussions.

For more information, please contact Peng Claire Bi at bai [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-9: Graduate Students Mentoring Program at EAPS

This mentoring program pairs incoming students with graduate student mentors for one-on-one meetings and advice.

For more information, please contact Einat Lev at einatlev [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-11: HST Women’s Group: Alumnae Connections

This project reaches out to local HST alumnae to further connect the HST community and to provide mentoring and support.

For more information, please contact Catherine Modica at cmodica [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-12 and 8-15: Hymn Sing, and Lessons and Carols Service

Organized by the Lutheran-Episcopal Misitry, this project encourages anyone interested in sacred music to sing together or just listen, and discover others with the same interest. Partners for the winter event include campus student singing groups.

For more information, please contact Joel Abrahamson at joela [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-13: I-Ambassador

This lunch series, organized through the Technology and Policy Program, offers student presentations and discussions on the workings of government and technology policy around the world, with the presenters acting as ambassadors for their home countries.

For more information, please contact Rahul Kar at rahulkar [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-14: La Fete

Graduate students celebrate the end of the academic year at this semi-formal dance among the cherry blossoms in a charming MIT courtyard.

For more information, please contact Kathy Miu at eh-president [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-18: Renaissance Ball

Planned for November 2009, MITAC is pleased to offer this family-friendly event in the form of a magical Renaissance Faire.

For more information, please contact Diane Tavitian at dtavit [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-19: SCALeS Seminar

SCALeS (Systems & Computational Approaches to the Life Sciences) creates an interdepartmental colloquium that brings together students interested in systems biology. Students and faculty across many departments have the opportunity to collaborate over lunch.

For more information, please contact Christoph Engert at engert [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-20: Taste of the Northwest

The governments of Ashdown, Edgerton, and Sidney-Pacific graduate residences came together to plan a food tasting event that included courses at each of the participating locations. The recurring event celebrates graduate community in the northwest corridor of campus, and encourages greater familiarity with each of the residences.

For more information, please contact Matthew Walker at sp-president [at] mit [dot] edu.


RFP8-22: TPP Community-Building Weekend

This weekend retreat facilitates the cohesion of a student body that is spread though diverse research labs across campus.

For more information, please contact Abe Grindle at grindle [at] mit [dot] edu.