Funded in 2006-07

In the sixth round of Graduate Student Life Grants, Dean Ike Colbert funded 18 proposals out of the total 24 submitted to the Graduate Students Office. To date, since this program was introduced in 2002, the Dean’s selection panel has reviewed 174 proposals and funded 100 of those.


RFP3-26 The Police at MIT

Submitted by the Community Policing Unit

Host six dinners for graduate student constituencies such as those who live off campus, international students, and lgbt students. By sharing a meal and conversation, learn the concerns of students in order to strengthen community outreach on the part of MIT Police.


RFP4-13 Graduate Student/Alumni Networking Events

Submitted by MIT Club of Boston

Host monthly networking social events, for example, business socials, career planning seminars, and an event in conjunction with the GSC Off-Campus Committee. These events serve both graduate students and alumni. The Boston area supports an alumni pool of over 17,000 members and the MIT Club of Boston is a highly successful mechanism for bringing people together for social, educational, entertainment, and business events.


RFP5-11 DUSP Alumni of Color Dinner Series

Submitted by DUSP students

Continue to host an event series that brings together outstanding MIT alumni with students in small group settings to understand the important role played by planners in minority communities and serve as a reminder that professionals of color play an important role in government and the private sector.


RFP5-14 HST/Biomedical Enterprise Program Student Cohort Development

Submitted by graduate student representing BEP students

Support cohort development within the Biomedical Enterprise Program and between BEP and the rest of HST’s students, faculty, and administration, through events such as a monthly speaker series and informal dinners.


RFP6-1 Fourth Dimension MIT Dance Party

Submitted by team of five graduate students on behalf of Sidney-Pacific Graduate Community

Host a dance party open to all MIT graduate students during the spring semester 2007. The theme “4 th Dimension Dance Party” features music from the decades which most graduate students have experienced, sure to provide a wealth of nostalgic flashbacks!


RFP6-3 BabyBeacon

Submitted by a team of three staff and one graduate student

Provide seed funding to explore the feasibility of creating user-run web-based searchable database of parents interested in informal babysitting exchanges. Such as service would consolidate various parental services on campus.


RFP6-4 Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) concerts

Submitted by the Director, Council for the Arts

Build on an existing program for introducing MIT graduate students to the Boston music scene through a series of concerts social gatherings, both the informal Club Concerts offered by BMOP in a nightclub/performance space setting and the more formal performances at Jordan Hall. These events are one more aspect of the Council’s advocacy for the arts at MIT. Graduate students and alumni from the Alumni Club of Boston will be invited to the performances, offering another opportunity to strengthen the graduate student community.


RFP6-6 College Applications Made Easy!

Submitted by graduate students in Sidney-Pacific graduate community

Foster ties between students in high schools in Cambridge and nearby areas with graduate students at MIT by having graduate students act as mentors to high school students during the college application process.


RFP6-7 Dual-use Research Workshop for Graduate Students

Submitted by graduate student on behalf of MIT Student Pugwash

Conduct a two-hour workshop for graduate students, especially those in the biological sciences but open to all, to analyze case studies from various perspectives: public advocate, university administrator, primary scientist, and the media. The workshop leader is an expert on security concerns in bioweapons technologies and teaches courses in sociology and technology in contemporary society.


RFP6-10 Health Ambassador Pilot Program

Submitted by Clinical Director for Campus Life, MIT Medical

Provide seed funding to explore feasibility of a program for developing health and referral resources–“health ambassadors”–for graduate students. The intent of such a program would be to enhance community wellnss by connecting campus resources and increasing health promoting events.


RFP6-12 Space Ball

Submitted by MIT Activities Committee Coordinator

Host a Space Ball in March and invite graduate students to participate in creating and attending the events. Based on successful past community events focused on families in the MIT community, the event features games and activities that include rocket demonstrations, creating mission control space centers, and dressing like an astronaut!


RFP6-13 MIT Gracious Dining Seminar

Submitted by graduate student on behalf of Sidney-Pacific graduate community

Organize an etiquette dinner open to the MIT graduate community during spring semester, a community building event that will better prepare graduate students for future professional careers. The evening begins with a reception and introduction by the “etiquette expert,” who provides motivation for learning correct professional behavior in social settings, followed by dinner and a question-and-answer session.


RFP6-15 MIT Weekend Brunch Series

Submitted by the student leadership team at Sidney&Pacific

Build on a tried and true mechanism for community building for students who live on and off campus by extending the successful and popular brunch series. Five brunches are planned for Sidney-Pacific and ten for Ashdown House over the course of spring semester. In the past, brunches have also been an attractive venue for faculty and administrators to connect with students. Brunches also build community internally among the student volunteers who organize and cook for the event.


RFP6-16 Muddy Mondays: Building Cross Cultural Graduate Community at MIT

Submitted by a team of two graduate students

Introduce a regular event series open to all graduate students that offers student cultural groups an opportunity to turn the Muddy Charles Pub into their home countries, or regions of the world, for a night. By sharing food and music with both friends and newcomers from other geographic areas, the series will enable cultural groups such as Club Latino and the Korean Graduate Students Association, to establish a new venue for cross cultural exchange and encourage a global dialogue on campus.


RFP6-19 Science Policy Bootcamp

Submitted by a team of four graduate students

Create a five-day seminar during IAP to introduce graduate students in science and engineering to the “nuts and bolts” of science policy. The seminar includes a series of lectures by the Director of the MIT Washington Office, Dr. William Bonvillian, on the mechanics of science policy and federal research budgeting, with from science policy case studies. Based on discussions during the seminar, the students plan to submit a proposal to President Hockfield recommending a route for enabling further graduate student involvement in science policy experiences.


RFP6-20 Small Talks: Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Seminars

Submitted by the Small Talks organizing committee

Conduct a weekly interdisciplinary series of seminars given by graduate students to predominantly student audiences with the purpose of introducing students to research at MIT that is outside their main field of interest. The primary goal is to inspire creative collaborations and advances in research by exposing students to leading edge ideas from other fields.


RFP6-21 Spaces of the Cold War

Submitted by a graduate student

Develop a film series project–initiated by students in the Architecture, History, Theory, and Criticism Section of the Department of Architecture in the early 1990’s–to bring a broader community together for events that interlink entertainment and reflection. The theme of this series if the “cold war” and the extent to which the term continues to hold any meaning. Films are from a variety of countries from all sides of the conflict: “Our goal is not so much to bring the cold war home as to see to what extent it has been with us all along.”


RFP6-22 Ashdown House Ingram Dining Room Dedication Ceremony

Submitted by the Ashdown Alumni Committee

Host an event to honor the late Professor and Ashdown Housemaster Vernon Ingram by dedicating the West Dining Room (Ashdown House) in his name. Scheduled for February 2007, the ceremony begins the transition of Ashdown from Building W1 to NW35 as the newly renamed Ingram Room moves to the new building along with other commemorative names in Ashdown.