Kassi Stein

Department: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Milton, MA
GCF Position: OGE GradLink

I work in the Office of Graduate Education maintaining the GradLink social media accounts. I create original content for Twitter and Facebook to promote graduate student wellness (physical, mental, financial, and professional) and a sense of community. In addition, I boost content from other groups/offices on campus that would be helpful, interesting, or relevant to the graduate student community. Finally, I create content that highlights the work and achievements of graduate students at the Institute, such as posting about a student who has been featured on MIT news or pieces they have written for the Graduate Admissions Blog.

Kassi works to promote graduate student wellness and activities that students would find fun or interesting.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

The content created for GradLink social media includes pieces about professional development, tips encouragement for wellness and self-care, and resources for students who are struggling, including the helpful graphic from BE REFs. The types of content that appears on GradLink is curated to try to be helpful, encouraging, and positive towards the graduate community.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

It is a lot of fun planning and putting together posts for Facebook/Twitter, particularly some of the lighthearted content we put out.