Jennifer Hu

Department: Chemistry
Hometown: San Diego, CA
GCF Position: Financial Literacy

During the semester, I organize financial literacy workshops for the MIT community. This includes picking relevant topics, finding speakers, promotion and logistics. I also maintain the Student Finances section of the MIT OGE website. There, I write and curate content related to finances and financial literacy including fellowships, budgeting, food insecurity, saving, and investing.

Jennifer aims to empower students to make educated financial choices.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

Setting aside the social taboo of discussing money and financial matters, there’s often a lack of resources to get educated. My GCF project aims to provide accurate and objective information to empower students to improve their financial literacy and make educated financial choices. For example, one workshop we hold every semester is an introduction to investing with a certified financial planner from Fidelity. At the workshop, we address common questions such as whether to invest excess income or to use it to pay off student loans. Based feedback, students really appreciate the information provided and often bring friends and classmates to attend as well.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

I’ve learned a lot about financial literacy topics as a GCF. My favorite part of working in this position is finding creative ways to teach or explain the things that I learned to others.