Wenbi Shcherbakov-Wu

Department: Chemistry
Hometown: Suzhou, China
GCF Position: Community Wellness

As a Graduate Community Fellow, I focus on promoting physical and mental wellness within the graduate student community. Graduate students are immersed in a competitive environment that leaves little time to self-maintenance, and often significant physical and mental stresses are overlooked in our community. While our school provides resources to aid students with maintaining well-being, often these resources are under-utilized and their importance is under-represented, as hectic life schedules and diverse needs make it difficult for students to find these resources. I am developing projects that can help graduate students realize the importance of maintaining a healthy life, as well as bringing light to the resources that are already available, and those that need to be expanded. I hope to tailor the available programs to the specific needs of graduate students to improve the overall state of wellness in our community.

Wenbi and her husband Alex are Graduate Community Fellows and work to enhance the graduate student community.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

My GCF project directly promotes the physical and mental well-being in the graduate student community. It seeks to show how investing time into taking care of our bodies and minds outside of the research environment can make us more productive and happier individuals. The project is targeted toward addressing the needs of graduate students that have been brought to light by the community through recent surveys. We are currently organizing a self-care event for the next IAP period where we will hand out care packages containing wellness information to graduate students.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

I have been given the opportunity to learn more about how taking care of ourselves makes us overall more productive and happier individuals. Being in the middle of my graduate school experience, I have experienced first-hand how easy it is to ignore major issues affecting my well-being, and have heard from many fellow graduate students how this results in major losses in productivity in the long run. I am loving the opportunity to address these problems in our community that I have come to care deeply about.