Kaytee Flick

Department: Brain And Cognitive Sciences
Hometown: Caribou, ME
GCF Position: Language Conversation Exchange

The Language Conversation Exchange (LCE) is an organization dedicated to sharing the power of language through conversation partnerships and informal events. These informal partnerships can help new members of our community get acquainted with MIT, while helping their conversation partners improve their language proficiency. My work for LCE is centered around marketing and event planning to expand and enhance our community.

Kaytee helps community members find “language partners” to improve language proficiency.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

The graduate student population at MIT is incredibly diverse. Through the LCE, graduate students come together over a shared interest in language learning. These connections span departments and provide an uncommon opportunity for graduate students to have both a university wide community and build friendships with their language partners.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

I love interacting with LCE members at our events and seeing the friendships and bonds that are created through language partnerships. It’s really a vibrant community.