Ellie Immerman

Department: Science, Technology, and Society
Hometown: Amherst, MA
GCF Position: Committed to Caring

We’re working to improve graduate mentorship at MIT through professors mentoring each other on how to better advise students and recognizing professors who are particularly committed to caring.

Ellie works to incentivize and build better graduate mentorship.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

Our project aims to incentivize and build better graduate mentorship. This should help build a more supportive graduate student experience where advisors are accessible, more empathetic, incusive, stronger advocates for students, mentor broadly–speaking to issues beyond pure academics, receptive to student feedback, and offer insider knowledge into the system of academia.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

I really enjoy reading the stories of great and kind mentorship!