Alexandra Rieger

Department: Media Arts and Sciences
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
GCF Position: MindHandHeart: Communications

I am one of MindHandHeart’s Graduate Community Fellows. We work closely with students, faculty and staff to support the MIT community. From the outset I co-led a committee connecting diverse voices across the Institute to develop sustainable approaches to current challenges. I’ve led focus-group driven initiatives and operate as part of a think-tank to conceptualize projects and develop new resources to strengthen the fabric of the Institute. My role includes developing creative content, events and efforts to spark innovative and research-based approaches to well-being on campus.

Alexandra works closely with students, faculty, and staff to support the MIT community and promote well-being on campus.

How does your GCF project enhance the graduate student community?

I work in a multidisciplinary capacity so have the chance to connect with myriad aspects of the grad community. Some are directly linked such as meeting with graduate students to identify growth-areas while others are more overarching. For example, during the MindHandHeart Departmental Support Project, we learned that departments across campus have individual strengths and need-areas when it comes to supporting student life. In response, I created a novel networking system (currently in the pilot phase) for MIT departments to share and adopt best practices in areas ranging from community and inclusion to the classroom. Whether supporting interdepartmental conversations, co-leading grad events to expand the ‘silos’ or creating MIT specific wellbeing content, I strive to bring our community closer together.

What is your favorite part of working in your GCF position?

The people and the community! It is such an honor to collaborate with my colleagues, peers and mentors at MindHandHeart: a team of people who are truly dedicated to creating a culture of well-being at MIT. I’m also glad to be part of the GCF family connecting both in meetings and around campus: seeing brilliant people lend their skills to making important areas affecting student life. Through my position I have gotten such a unique perspective of MIT as a whole and am continually inspired by our resilience, dedication and the strong hearts in the minds and hands of the community!