Request a new Fellow position

If you are interested in applying to the Office of Graduate Education for funding for a Graduate Community Fellow, please follow these instructions.

  • Review the details of the OGE’s Graduate Community Fellows program and application process.
  • Develop a proposal that makes the case for how a Fellow might contribute to graduate community by working in your area. Include a position description using the online position descriptions as a model. This includes boilerplate material (general description and responsibilities) and a list of specific, concrete duties for which the Fellow will be responsible.
  • Submit this material to program coordinator Jessica Landry.

If your proposal is accepted, please note that you will be responsible for an appropriate level of supervision of the Fellow assigned to your program. This includes regular meetings with the Fellow, mentoring and advising, as well as annual reports (from student and supervisor) on progress. You may also anticipate some meetings with the program coordinator and other supervisors throughout the year.

If your proposal and position description are accepted, you may publicize the position and solicit applications. Students must complete the application form and submit it to the OGE. Applications will then be forwarded to you on a timely basis for selection.