Grad Housing FAQ

1. Does MIT plan to force students out of grad housing in the future?

No. Please know that in this crisis, MIT has no intention of leaving members of our graduate community and their families struggling with no place to live.

2. What were the goals of the letter “Time-sensitive graduate housing changes and moving resources” and does MIT have specific numerical targets for the population in grad housing?

The goals were two-fold — to encourage those who have housing alternatives in a less-dense living arrangement to move to those alternatives, and to require all remaining residents to practice stricter social distancing practices.

MIT does not have a numerical goal for the size of the population in graduate housing.

3. Who gets to decide what is “a reasonable alternative”?

Individual graduate students decide. MIT did not plan for an exception process, and does not have one in place. Our staff are available to help address financial barriers for those who have reasonable alternatives. They are not being asked to evaluate students’ judgment. If students need help thinking this through, they should contact

4. Why is the deadline so short?

Given the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, we wanted to express the situation’s urgency and concentrate the work to be done in a limited period of time. We want students to do their best to complete the form by Sunday, but please know that we will be flexible given that complications may arise.

5. What if I am experiencing financial hardship, can you help?

All graduate students should complete the form embedded in the email from Friday to let us know of their situation. If graduate students are experiencing financial hardship, they should follow the already established urgent grant process and email

6.  I didn’t get the email, or my link doesn’t work, or I need to update my information.

Please know that only license-holders got the email on Friday. Spouses, partners, and students who already checked out did not receive the email and do not need to complete the form. If the license holder cannot find the email from Friday, have them contact and someone will help them as soon as possible.