Student & Affiliates Health Insurance Advisory Committee


As the health insurance needs and price sensitivity of students and affiliates are different than employees, the Chancellor has assembled a Student & Affiliates Health Insurance Advisory Committee; the charge, process, and membership are detailed below.


  • Review and discuss requests for benefit changes
  • Review and discuss benefit design changes that may be required in light of Federal and State requirements, especially as we move towards full compliance with Affordable Care Act for September 2014
  • Review and discuss recommendations on premium rates – Basic & Extended Coverage for:
    • Students
    • Affiliates
    • Spouses & dependents
  • Review and discuss coverage for student activities – athletics, other student activities
  • Provide input on communications to improve student knowledge
  • Provide input on exception processing


The committee will begin meeting in the 2013-2014 academic year and submit recommendations to Offices of the Provost; Executive Vice President and Treasurer; and Chancellor for review and approval on an ongoing basis.


Bradley Abruzzi, Office of the General Counsel
Maria Bachini, MIT Medical Department
Solomon Degefe, MIT Medical Department
Peter Cummings, Finance and Human Resources, Office of the Dean for Student Life
Fumiko Futai, Advisor to International Scholars, Office of the Provost
Matthew Glassman, G, Chemical Engineering
Bill Kettyle, Co-Chair, Head, MIT Medical Department
Kathleen Monagle, Associate Dean, Student Disability Services
Christine Ortiz, Co-chair, Dean for Graduate Education
Charlene Placido, Assistant Provost for Research
Elizabeth Rosen, UG, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Kenneth Suprin, Budget and Financial Planning Office
Lucy Walsh, Director of Finance, MIT Medical Department
Susan Wilson, Associate Director for Financial Aid