Graduate Admissions Team

The Dean for Graduate Education has assembled the Graduate Admissions Team with the motivation, charge and scope, and membership detailed below.

The 2013-2014 academic year marked the last year of the three-year transition to a centralized, electronic graduate admissions software platform, GradApply, developed by Professors Frans M. Kaashoek and Robert T. Morris. When GradApply was first implemented in the 2011-2012 academic year, the Committee on Graduate Admissions (CGA, see below)  was created to oversee the transition. With the transition complete, the Dean for Graduate Education, Christine Ortiz, convened the “Graduate Admissions Team” during the Fall of 2014 that will now oversee the reformed application process and admissions platform.

Charge and Scope
The Graduate Admissions Team will be a standing committee to assess, integrate, and coordinate graduate admission platforms, processes, and procedures at MIT. The organization will review and act upon annual survey data for graduate administrators and officers and will communicate data results and plans to graduate administrators and officers. In addition, the Graduate Admissions Team will assess the integration of GradApply, Sloan, and other central data systems with admissions and facilitate local and central graduate admissions data collection and reporting. Customization and decision-making regarding the functionality of GradApply and Sloan platforms/systems will remain with the GradApply developers and Sloan application developers.

Christine Ortiz, Chair 2014-2015 (Professor of DMSE, Dean for Graduate Education)
Jacob Cohen (Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate & Master’s Programs, Sloan School of Management)
Robert Cummings (OGE Senior Administrative Assistant, Graduate Admissions, Staff to Committee)
Dorothy Curtis (Research Scientist, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab, Grad Apply Support)
Kirsten Derrickson-Boice (Senior Business Systems Analyst, Information Systems & Technology)
Rod Garcia (Senior Director, Admissions, Sloan School of Management)
Frans Kaashoek (Professor of EECS, Grad Apply Developer)
Eamon Kearns (Associate Director, Education Systems, Information Systems and Technology)
Leslie A Kolodziejski (Professor and Graduate Officer EECS)
Robert Morris (Professor of EECS, Grad Apply Developer)
Jessica Landry (Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Education)
Dawna Levenson (Director, MBA & MFin Admissions Office, Sloan School of Management)
Sonia Liou (Senior Research Analyst, Office of the Provost, Office of Institutional Research)
Stu Schmill (Dean of Admissions, Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education)
Keiko Tanaka (Office of Graduate Education, Administrative Officer)

The Graduate Admissions Team will meet once a semester and additionally as needed to report out their findings and provide recommendations to improve the graduate application process.

The 2014 Graduate Admissions Systems Annual Report is available to the MIT community (certificates required).




Committee on Graduate Admissions (CGA) 

During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Institute began a transition to an all-electronic graduate admissions software platform developed by Professors Frans M. Kaashoek and Robert T. Morris in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). A project team consisting of the EECS faculty developers, Information Services and Technology (IS&T), the Office of Graduate Education (OGE), and the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE) was formed to carry out implementation of the transition. As recommended by the Task Force on Improving Graduate Admissions Processes, the Dean for Graduate Education assembled a Committee on Graduate Admissions (CGA), which carried out its work from 2011-2014, and whose charge is detailed below.

The CGA served as the primary Institute body for review and oversight of the graduate admissions transition to the EECS platform. The CGA periodically reviewed, discussed and provided feedback and recommendations to the project team on the all-electronic graduate admissions system including, for example; individual graduate program transitions, customization, maintenance, enhancements, integration with Institute enterprise systems, and student information privacy considerations (in consultation with relevant committees such as the Committee on Student Information Policy).

The CGA coordinated meetings between transitioned departments to exchange information on the transition and carried out research by interviewing the transitioned departments individually.

Leslie A. Kolodziejski, Chair, 2012-2013 (Graduate Officer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Vivek Bald (Writing and Digital Media)
David L. Darmofal (Chair 2011-2012; Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Xavier de Souza Briggs (Urban Studies and Planning)
Sumeet Kumar (Graduate Student Representative, Mechanical Engineering)
Suzanne Maguire (Graduate Administrator, Chemical Engineering)
Bjorn Poonen (Graduate Officer, Mathematics)
Noah Bidgood (2011-2013; Admissions Office, Office for the Dean for Undergraduate Education)
Staff to the Committee: Clarice Aiello (Graduate Student, Nuclear Science and Engineering)

The chair of the CGA met with the graduate admissions project team biannually to report out their findings and provide recommendations.

Click below to read or download the following reports (MIT certificate authentication required):

2011 Report of the Task Force on Improving Graduate Admissions
2012 Committee on Graduate Admissions Report
2013 Committee on Graduate Admissions Report