Writing Together Online motivates grad students

October 8, 2021

Close-up of hand writing in a notebook.

Since its creation in Fall 2020, the Writing and Communication Center’s (WCC) Writing Together Online program has brought MIT graduate students together for support and structure in their writing goals. 

These virtual 90-minute sessions provide graduate students an opportunity for goal-setting, writing, and share-outs to celebrate progress. They are facilitated by graduate student fellows who are mentored by the WCC director. 

Attendees have shared that they rely on the sessions to progress towards their written goals. The program, funded by the Office of Graduate Education’s Graduate Experience Grants, returned in October, building on its success last Spring. During March-June 2021, the WCC offered 75 online sessions, which were attended by 98 unique students with a total of 788 attendances. Most of these students attended multiple sessions. 

WCC Director Elena Kallestinova shared, “Most of these students were very motivated by this writing program, which helped them make progress with their projects and establish healthy writing habits with goal setting, focused writing, and accountability. Importantly though, this program allowed them to build camaraderie and interdisciplinary writing community. We hope that we can continue offering this important program in the future, as it has such a positive and long-lasting effect on MIT students and scholars.”
Learn more about Writing Together Online, WCC, and the OGE’s Graduate Student Experience Grants.

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