OVC develops new role to support graduate student families

June 14, 2021

Informed by an internal scan of MIT’s resources for student parents, extensive benchmarking of efforts at MIT’s peer institutions, and conversations with stakeholders, the ad hoc Graduate Families Working Group’s report identified the need to centralize support, communication, and outreach to students with children, among other recommendations. 

In response, a new administrative staff position was established, within the Office of Graduate Education, to work specifically with student parents who live both on and off campus. The goal of this position is to strengthen the graduate student family community, in collaboration with colleagues in several partner offices, and help alleviate stressors related to raising a family while being a student.

Adj Marshall was hired to this position in February 2021. Despite joining MIT and starting the role in a remote environment, she has used her programming, communication, and data analysis expertise to establish key relationships with campus stakeholders, proactively outreach to grad student parents, and connect eligible students with the new Grant for Graduate Students with Children.

Text from the Graduate Families Working Group.

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