New Video Resources for Teaching Assistants at MIT

November 17, 2016

The User-friendly Classroom, a free, video-based resource for TA training, is now available online on MIT’s OpenCourseWare site. These videos are used in the subjects 21G.217 (Workshop in Strategies for Effective Teaching/ELS) and 21G.232 (Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening Skills/ELS), both of which help International Teaching Assistants to succeed at MIT. Designed for International Teaching Assistants, they can be useful to all TAs. The five videos include advice from MIT undergraduates and experienced International TAs, as well as examples of those TAs teaching classes, all with interactive transcripts:

  • Expectations
  • Phase diagram class
  • Lift class
  • The First Day
  • Introductions

The site also includes assignments for the videos and suggestions for teacher trainers. Questions or comments? Please write to

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