Celebrating a Century in Cambridge‏, Apr. 2nd

April 1, 2016

Join us for a concert by MIT Music and Theater Arts on Saturday April 2, 2016 at 7pm in the Kresge Auditorium as we Celebrate a Century in Cambridge! Free admission! The concert will feature: the MIT Symphony Orchestra, Adam K. Boyles, director; MIT Concert Choir and MIT Chamber Chorus, William Cutter, director; Members of the MIT Chamber Music Society, Prof. Marcus Thompson, director: Miriam Nussbaum (G), flute; Austen Yueh ’17, clarinet; Henry Love ‘18, violin; Taylor Safrit ’18, cello; Joonwon Choi (G), piano; Michael Choi ‘16, clarinet; Divya Pillai (G), soprano. 

The program will include: The National Anthem (arr. William Cutter); the world premiere of a blessed unrest by William Cutter; Seeing the Unseen and The Reason Why the World by Prof. Peter Child; Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock; the world premiere of Nocturne: On the River by Charles Shadle; Copland’s Symphony No. 3; and the MIT song Arise, all ye of MIT.

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