Mayo: MIT team tackles the future of transportation

January 11, 2016

A team of MIT engineers, led by MIT graduate student John Mayo, is developing what they hope will be a key part of the future of transportation. “Hyperloop has the ability to have a good impact on the environment, the speed of transportation and just advance physical transportation in general,” said Mayo, who is the project manager of MIT’s Hyperloop design team. “That’s why we go to school, that’s what we do is help improve, and do challenges and solve problems.”

The Hyperloop would be a system of near-vacuum tubes that sends levitating pods from one place to another at 760 miles per hour. That means passengers or cargo could make the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour. The Hyperloop is designed to run on solar power, and be an alternative to driving or flying short distances. Although it is far from something ripped out of an optimistic science fiction movie, designing the Hyperloop is hardly simple. Read more

One thought on “Mayo: MIT team tackles the future of transportation

  1. Re: Hyperloop.
    I’m excited about a Hyperloop future, but I see popular demand as a priority.
    I’ve been working on implementing successful strategy. I have a good, woven, three-front model. I know the location, and why.
    I have a bit of a learning disability, but that happens to be why i see this strategy so well.
    No degree. I built windmills in 1977 that worked. I’ve been thinking about tube travel since then.
    Please. Contact me.
    Richard C Rutherford

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