Improv Comedy Workshop to Improve Communication and Public Speaking, Jan. 26

January 26, 2016

Have you had that awkward moment in a presentation where someone asks a really weird question? Has a student in class posed an off-the-wall idea while you are presenting? Do you fear what a committee member may ask in your thesis defense? This improv workshop will help develop skills to respond to such situations. We will be doing improv comedy exercises to develop a comfort with engaging others. Participants should expect to participate in improv comedy exercises with attendees. Fun will be had by all…we hope. This event is open to undergrad and grad students and postdocs. If registration limit has been met, please email Jake Livengood to be added to the wait list. The Event will be held in the Basement Classroom at E39-040, on Tuesday, January 26, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.

About the facilitator:
Jake Livengood has worked in higher education since 2002 and provides career counseling with PhD students at MIT. He also “studies” improv comedy at the Improv Asylum in the North End of Boston. With the last name “Livengood,” this career path is quite fitting. He has a PhD in Higher Education Leadership, thereby making him Dr. Livengood. (But please call him “Jake”).

Advanced registration required via CareerBridge. Limit 20. Photo from David Shankbone

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