Teach It Yourself! Register by Feb. 10

December 29, 2015

Showcase your creativity and help your peers at the same time! Participate in MIT’s inaugural Teach It Yourself Contest and contribute your ideas to MIT’s new Life Learning platform for sharing your experience, accessing information, and making connections. Support other MIT students by sharing what you’ve learned about taking care of yourself, connecting with others, and making the most of MIT. Express your ideas through creative microlearning: 2-5-minute videos, short articles and listicles, infographics, etc. Don’t know how to craft those?  Sign up for our IAP Microlearning Boot Camp.  Not on campus?  No worries: register for the contest and we’ll send you resources. Besides the satisfaction of helping other students, you may win one of our many prizes. Check them out and register.

Register for the contest now through February 10. Sign up for the Microlearning Boot Camp by January 3.  See more deadlines, judging criteria, categories, prizes, and example topics on the website! Please contact lifelearning@mit.edu with questions or comments.

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