Making the Most of Big Data in Healthcare, Dec. 10

December 9, 2015

big data healthcare

The aggregation of data can truly revolutionize the future of healthcare. Ranging from more traditional data sources, such as EMRs and payment/claims systems, to more cutting-edge sources, such as clinical trials and DNA sequencing, the breadth and depth of data available today is unparalleled. By effectively leveraging this data, every player in the healthcare ecoysystem can make more informed decisions. This big data in healthcare panel will be held on Thursday, December 10, from 6-8 pm in the Microsoft NERD Center (255 Main St.), and explore the various sources and uses of healthcare data as well as how your organization can best use this data to improve outcomes and performance in the ever-changing healthcare environment. The panel will also talk about areas for future innovation and entrepreneurship.  Tickets are available here (students are admitted for free).


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