Malina and Ashenfelter: App to manage food waste by Sloan MBAs

October 21, 2015

App to manage food waste by Sloan MBAs

Spoiler Alert, founded by Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter, while working toward their Sloan MBA’s last year, has launched an app to address food waste issues. The app helps organizations and companies manage their surplus food and organic waste by connecting them with organizations that can use them.

With the Spoiler Alert app, the store with the surplus vegetables can post what is available, and nearby food rescue organizations can respond and pick up the food in time to provide the still-fresh items to people who could use them.

“It is designed to seamlessly connect all aspects of the food supply chain,” Ashenfelter says. The app is available through iTunes, and businesses can sign up on the company’s website. Malina and Ashenfelter’s work made headlines this summer in The Boston Globe, Fortune,The Economist, and Tech Crunch. to name a few. The team is currently working on a Web platform as well and is building a version that will be compatible with Android devices. Read more.

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