Community service work-study jobs

October 22, 2015

Community Service

Community Service Work-Study (CSWS) connects Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligible undergraduate and GRADUATE students to paid off-campus community service with public and private nonprofits; it’s not necessarily “direct” service. Some examples include designing a new website for a community organization, developing a PR campaign, doing environmental research, helping a small agency with fundraising events, and assisting with a GIS mapping project.

Some benefits of CSWS include being connected to diverse cultures and communities, other students, potential employers, professional networks, and people who share your passions and interests. It makes you feel good as you give back and make a difference, to pay for your education and have fun! It helps you build your career by developing skills, exploring careers and job fields, reflecting on interests and values, applying problem solving skills to real-life issues, and getting references. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, reflection on values and beliefs, and embracement of flexibility and change.

FWS eligibility is listed as part of your financial aid package. Not all students with financial aid are FWS eligible. International students do not qualify for FWS. To find out if you are eligible, contact

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