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September 15, 2015

Versatile Phd non-academic career discussion s

Every year Versatile PhD does a series of panel discussions in the asynchronous discussion forums on the site. Each discussion focuses on a specific non-academic career that is open to PhDs, and features 4-6 PhDs or ABDs currently working in that career. Panel discussions coming up in this academic year:

Sept. 14-18: “Careers in Technology Transfer” in the STEM forum (more information)
Oct. 19-23: “Careers in Publishing” in the Humanities/Social Science forum
Nov. 16-20: “University Administration for STEM” in the STEM forum
Jan. 25-29: “Careers in Business” in the Humanities/Social Science forum
Feb. 22-26: “Careers in Software Engineering” in the STEM forum
Mar. 14-18: “Careers in Technical Writing” in the Humanities/Social Science forum

Visit this website to access the Versatile PhD online community.  Photo by GotCredit

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