3 Grad Students Bring Art to Airbnb

September 30, 2015

tekuma artwork to airbnb

What do technology and art have in common? Thanks to three MIT grad students, it’s Tekuma, a platform that connects artists and Airbnb hosts.

Although those two demographics seem like a strange pair, their venture makes so much sense. Tekuma’s goal is to create pop-up art galleries in apartment spaces around the world. It gives artists, who don’t always have the best luck making it big, the chance to display their work—and make some money off of it. At the same time, Airbnb hosts can boost their rental appeal, giving their guests a dynamic aesthetic experience. And don’t forget the travelers, who then have a unique stay.

Tekuma’s three co-founders, Marwan Aboudib, Kun Qian, and Tengjia Liu, met during their first semester of their Master of Architecture program at MIT. They were all a part of the same studio project, and that’s where the roots of Tekuma first sprouted.

After pouring sweat and tears into the project, the class ended and the three had a feeling of let-down. “We worked so hard all semester and pulled all-nighters. There was so much excitement to get our 15 minutes of fame when we’d present our finished project,” said Aboudib. “But then the day of, no one showed up except for the judges.”  Read more

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