McLellan, Golos, Maragh: Hacking for Solve

September 2, 2015

GSC secretary Eva Golos and GSC treasurer Janille Maragh

The first-ever hackathon for Solve has laid solid groundwork for some promising ideas and for more “Solve-a-thons” to come.

Over two days recently at MIT, members of the Institute’s community teamed up to work on this challenge: Design a wearable device to significantly improve targeted health care to a majority of the world’s population.

The Graduate Student Council, which organized and hosted the event, focused on the Cure pillar of Solve. “We tried to pull together expertise from all five schools at MIT in one event,” said GSC president Michael McClellan. “So, science people can think about sensors and what’s feasible to measure, engineers can help design what a device could look like and what pieces could go into it, while people from design, urban planning, and architecture can work on schematics and designs. As well, those from humanities and social sciences can contribute ideas on how the device could be targeted for certain populations, locations, or issues, and business students can work on the finances, marketing, and distribution aspects of the proposal.” Read more. Photo by GSC (Left to Right: GSC secretary Eva Golos, and GSC treasurer Janille Maragh, two of the Solve-a-thon organizers)

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