Matus: Studying human waste to examine community health

September 21, 2015

Matus is a fourth-year PhD student in computational and systems biology at MIT. She is part of a team collecting samples of sewage to understand community health and behavior.

The project that Matus is now involved in has two goals: collecting sewage samples from manholes around Cambridge and Boston, and collecting stool samples from individuals. Though both have the same aim — to use human waste as a resource for understanding health — one is firmly entrenched in community health, while the other focuses on individuals’ health.

“I want to design systems to tackle problems that have real people on the other end of them,” says Matus. She expects that her desire to guide her experiments with real-world needs will nudge her toward a career in industry after she completes her PhD.

Read the full article about Matus and her research.

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