Silbey and Kolodziejski latest “Committed to Caring (C2C)” honorees

September 17, 2015

In 2014, ODGE invited graduate students to nominate MIT “Committed to Caring (C2C)” professors, who go above and beyond expectations to make a positive impact on the lives of graduate students. A selection committee chose the top nominees and ODGE has been honoring them—two at a time—with a feature on our website and posters throughout the institute showcasing each professor’s particular style of impactful teaching.

This week, on Monday, September 14, Eboney J.N. Hearn, Assistant Dean of Diversity Initiatives in the ODGE, announced and congratulated two new Committed to Caring (C2C) honorees.

  • Susan Silbey, Sociology and Anthropology,
    Extending proactive counsel  
    Silbey’s genuine interest in her students’ professional and personal well-being makes a deep impression. She takes a proactive role in helping students think through the type of research they pursue. One nominator recalls how Silbey sat for two hours on a weekend, giving the student feedback to improve a paper. Silbey is interested in the governance, regulation, and audit processes of complex organizations. Her current research focuses on the creation of management systems for containing risks, including ethical lapses, and environmental health and safety hazards.
  • Leslie Kolodziejski, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Investing in students
    Kolodziejski has called supervising and supporting graduate students the highlight of her professional career. Her nominator relates Kolodziejski’s “honest interest and support” in such situations as a student’s loss of her father, and the Qualifying Exam of another student gone “crazily rogue.” Kolodziejski was awarded the 2009 Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising. She is principal investigator of the Integrated Photonics Devices and Materials Research Group and the NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory—where she supervises the use of molecular beam and ion beam deposition.

You can see the C2C professors on the infinite display and in the infinite corridor this week and all over campus as a reminder of the good work they do and of their students’ appreciation. In October we will again solicit nominations for a new round of C2C awards and assemble a new selection committee for 2015–16. When nominating, students submit stories about faculty members who, check-in about a student’s well-being, who create a supportive and positive working environment, and who provide outstanding mentorship. Over the course of the C2C campaign, we have been delighted to showcase many individual styles of teaching and caring at MIT! 

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