Information session on fellowships with JSPS, Oct. 9

September 9, 2015

JSPS is one of the largest research funding agency in Japan supporting all fields of disciplines incl. natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and the humanities,

Its Washington Office invites you to attend an info session, Friday, Oct. 9, 6–8 pm Northwest Bldg. Harvard University, 52 Oxford St., Cambridge. The session will offer an overview of the following funding opportunities:

Summer Program: 2 months in summer for Pre/Postdocs; Postdoctoral Fellowships: 1–12 months for Pre/Postdocs; 12–24 months for Postdocs; Invitation Fellowships: Long-term (2–10 months for assist. prof./higher level), Short-term (14–60 days for assoc. prof./higher level), Short-term (7–14 days for Nobel Prize level)


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