New graduate student child care network at MIT launching Jan. 2016

September 25, 2015

grad child care network

The MIT Work-Life Center, in collaboration with the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), the Graduate Student Council (GSC), and the Division of Student Life (DSL), will launch a new Family Childcare Network pilot in Eastgate and Westgate campus housing this academic year. The MIT Family Childcare Network will support the training, state licensing, and program operations of child care providers, who will care for children of graduate students in the providers’ licensed homes located within Eastgate and Westgate. The Family Childcare Network is the product of ongoing efforts to support graduate student families and enhance their educational experience at MIT. It will launch as a two-year pilot.

The first phase of the pilot program will involve recruiting caregivers from among graduate student spouses and partners residing in Eastgate and Westgate. Only those spouses and partners eligible to work in the United States may become licensed to provide care in the network. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Office of Early Education and Care (OEEC) will license caregivers who meet the requirements, which focus primarily on home safety but also include some training and caregiving experience. Read more. Photo: Mim Adkins Photography

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