How a Grad Student Couple Lived Within Their Means

August 12, 2015


I never expected to look back on my seven years in grad school as a financially prosperous period of my life. But thanks to some careful planning and budgeting, my husband and I actually managed to stretch our $25,000 stipends to live well and increase our combined net worth by more than $100,000 during those seven years.

How did we accomplish that? The (not-so-secret) secret to avoiding debt and saving money is to live below your means — but there’s no one way to do that. You have to determine what matters most to you; then set financial goals and make money-management choices accordingly. In this post, I share our constellation of choices from our last year of grad school (2013-2014), when we were most effective at living within our means. Read the full article by Emily Roberts at Vitae

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