Consider Entrepreneurship in the Waste space D-LAB

August 26, 2015


Understand the multiple dimensions of the global waste challenge. Learn from experts working in the field including researchers, waste-pickers and city planners. The course focuses on studying some of the multiple dimensions of waste generation and management. Topics are presented in real contexts through case studies, field visits, civic engagement and research and include consumer culture, waste streams, waste management, entrepreneurship and innovation on waste, technology evaluation, downcycling/upcycling, Life Cycle Analysis and waste assessment. Labs include building low-cost, small scale technology, field trips to waste-related institutions and businesses, art workshops and e-waste scrapping taught by practitioners, artists and waste enthusiasts. Opportunities for IAP or summer travel.

Instructors: Kate Mytty (‘15), Master in City Planning 2015, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, Instructor, MIT D-Lab. Fall 2015, 9 units, Lecture: MW 10-11:30, Lab: F 2-4 (hands-on) Prerequisite: None. Limited to 16 students. Contact: Photo by Greenpeace India

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