MBA Class Of 2015: My Biggest Lessons From Business School

July 13, 2015


What a difference that two years make! That’s how most MBAs feel after graduation. Just ask them about their first day back at school. The consensus: It was pretty intimidating. For starters, cranking out 70-hour work weeks didn’t really prep them for the workload. Running at the speed of business was a gear short of B-school pace. As first years, they were deluged with choices where every club and event was a chance to make an impact – or miss out.

But the biggest lesson? Often, it was the humbling notion that they weren’t the most gifted or accomplished member of their class. Their peers were also valedictorians who had collected accolades and promotions–many prevailing over heart-breaking hardships in the process. In the end, the MBAs who excelled were the ones who quickly embraced their peers. Even more, they discovered the simple – yet often difficult — foundation for learning that was succinctly summed up by MIT Sloan’s Liat Kaver: “Don’t be shy to ask for help!” Read this inspiring article at Poets&Quants

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