Koch Institute Graduate Student Fellowships Deadline Aug. 10

July 31, 2015

Cancer Research

The Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research is now soliciting proposals for several fellowships for graduate student support for Academic Year 2015/2016. Each source of funding has an emphasis on students working in the broad area of cancer research. Funds are available in the following categories:

1. Seven (7) fellowships are available through Koch, Ludwig and other endowed funds for School of Science graduate students working in cancer research.

2. One (1) fellowship is available through blended Koch Institute funds for an MIT graduate student working in cancer research.

3. Three (3) fellowships are available through the Ludwig Research Funds in support of MIT graduate students with metastasis as their research focuses.

Awards will fund academic year stipend (9-Months at the standard School of Science/Engineering stipend rate), medical insurance and tuition for each successful candidate. Selection criteria include demonstrated progress and accomplishments, cancer relevance and potential of student to realize the goals of the project. Preference will be given to students in the later years of their PhD research.

The application should be written by the student and should make clear the relevance of the work to cancer research. Paper applications (three copies) should consist of:

Cover page with applicant name, MIT Academic Program and year of study, title of project, faculty supervisor and which of the categories of funding that you are applying for. Please also note if you have received previous fellowships from the KI.
Curriculum vitae.
3 page (maximum) outline of student’s research progress to date and plans for continuation of the thesis research.
One letter of recommendation is required. The letter should be from the student’s faculty advisor and should summarize prior and current mechanisms for support. Letters may be mailed directly from the PI to Lori Spindler, 76-158,  (lorispin@mit.edu) or may be sealed in an envelope and included with the application.
Applications must be received (Attn: Lori Spindler) by August 10, 2015 – no later than noon. No extensions will be granted and incomplete submittals will not be reviewed.

A faculty committee will review all applications and awards will be made effective September 1, 2015.

NOTE: While there is no limit on the number of applications from an individual laboratory, it is not typical that more than one application from a laboratory would be funded.

Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

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