Design the logo for Grad Orientation 2015! Send samples by Jul. 22

July 20, 2015


Do you like to draw, design, or create things?  If so, design the logo for Grad Orientation 2015!

The GSC Orientation Committee is looking for a talented designer to create the Orientation logo for this year.  If you are interested, please send a few samples of your work to the Orientation Committee ( by 11:59 PM on Wednesday July 22.  Please also include ideas you have for this year’s logo.  They do not have to be polished at this point, but rough sketches and/or short descriptions will help give us an idea of what you are thinking about for the design.  We will choose one or two people based off the art samples and the logo ideas to help design this year’s Orientation logo.

Some guidelines: The logo should represent MIT and feature elements distinctive to MIT (ex. the letters “MIT”, the MIT Dome, or the Institute mascot) and incorporate the year 2015; it should also have a linear (not stacked) design. The color scheme should be a maximum of 2, possibly 3 colors. Because we are working on a deadline, we do need prompt responses to communications.

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