Yang, Wang: The Cybersecurity Factory

July 27, 2015


Stolen credit card numbers. Stolen passwords. The personal information of about 4 million federal workers hacked. We know all too well that computers are dreadfully insecure. And all too often, the people who could do the most to help make them more secure are stuck in academia with little connection to the real world.

That’s the argument, at least, of computer scientist Jean Yang, a PhD student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where she works on a privacy-centric programming language called Jeeves. She says she’s seen an amazing amount of security research come out of her lab in areas ranging from new encryption techniques to vulnerability detection systems. The problem is that little of this work ever finds its way into the real world. And it’s not just MIT. Researchers from around the world publish new work almost daily. So she and her friend and fellow PhD student Frank Wang, a member of the student-led venture capital firm Rough Draft Ventures, started The Cybersecurity Factory to encourage academics who research computer security to start companies to commercialize their work. Follow the full article at WIRED. Photo by American Advisors Group

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