Hu’s Lark Chat app is a portable weight loss coach

July 10, 2015

Lark Chat Fitness Coach

People who struggle with losing or maintaining weight have a new ally in their ongoing battle against unwanted pounds: Lark Chat, a personal and virtual weight loss coach.

Lark Chat is the product of Lark Technologies Inc., a five-year-old California-based company with roots at MIT Sloan. Lark has attracted some $12 million in venture capital financing since winning the mobile track prize in the 2010 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition for its wristband sleep monitor. But in the last couple of years the company has shifted its focus from hardware to software and broadened its attention to weight loss and disease prevention. Our goal was to make it as friendly and fun as possible,” says Lark co-founder and CEO Julia Hu, who founded the company while attending MIT Sloan. “People don’t call Lark a monitor or a tool; they call it a friend who understands or their ideal boyfriend. Lark has taken on kind of a lighthearted buddy kind of role in people’s lives.” Follow the full article at the MIT Sloan Newsroom

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