Larson develops new sleep hat technology

June 10, 2015

Sleep Hat Larson

Sleep is almost as vital as food and water because it restores our bodies and minds and, in many ways, keeps us alive. Michael Larson MIT PhD ’92 never used to think about how vital sleep is until his daughter developed a sleep disorder as a high school senior. That problem turned their lives upside down. Larson found that the brain can be coaxed to slow its activity using audio tones called binaural beats, an auditory brainstem response caused by the interaction of two sounds that originate in opposite ears. The beat frequency would start out fast and would gradually decrease, causing the brain activity to do the same, to lead the brain into slower and deeper sleep states. The product that Larson developed is a sleep hat, named the Sleep Shepherd, which has thin speakers next to each ear and an EEG sensor to measure brain wave states. Read the full article at Slice of MIT.

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